Experiences: The Escape of Film

          Experimental, 2012

Earlier this year while navigating throughscenes of film through Youtube, I noticed parallel narratives qualities inherent in the process of breaking into and breaking up the film. They both maintain the temporal, while serving a specific purpose in that moment. The film is constant; storytelling is constantly changing. This specificity creates a linear element to experience. I was interested in breaking down that process and reorganizing this linearity as a series of commotions in filmic memory dictating the film’s narrative. I wanted to use this outcome to see the changes being made in relation—not only to time —but each other. This brought up an interesting question for me, “What actually changes over time?” As more film overlaps one another, the less impact any one scene had. They all eventually blur into a whole of colors. Films escaped into the space beyond the frame, it is a narrative-cut version of a fiction based on a true story: the order of a memory.