The Waitress

          Book Design, 2012
My book, with the invention and experimentation of a magazine, comes down to ambiguous narratives. The language used by books is getting entangled in the structure of the narratives it generates.

Everything inside a piece of story is the experiences and objects that are offered to the new generation’s readers in an ambiguous, mutable storytelling. A narratives, in this case, is captured in sharply defined dialogue hierarchy. This concept embraces anything that differs from the idea they embody.

As a result there is infinite possibilities for another beginning of a story other than those that the writer have written and lost vocabularies that might express some of what we no longer can. This includes narratives that matter to readers. Every time one read this book, one will not be seeing the same things over and over again- they make language unambiguous.

A Novel by Jack Zipes.
Designed for the ISTD 2012.